About Us

Other than the common “C” flutes, our ensemble utilizes the entire flute family including piccolos, alto flutes and bass flutes.

Currently Fremont Flute Ensemble is comprised of two groups: the Senior group and the Junior group. The Fremont Flute Ensemble gives two performances per year and also organizes extra-curricular activities relating to flute playing.

Fremont Flute Ensemble actively promotes the arts culture in our communities and has performed in benefit concerts and public performances in Fremont and Southern California.

Our Mission

Fremont Flute Ensemble aims to provide young musicians with ensemble training and advancement of their flute playing skills. Members have a challenging and rewarding opportunity to play in an ensemble with professionals while exploring a variety of flute ensemble literature’s.

Our History

Flute is one of the most popular wind instruments. However, orchestras and bands can only accommodate a limited number of flautists. As a result, many flautists are eager to look for opportunities to play and perform in a musical group.

The Fremont Flute Ensemble (FFE) was established in October 2004 by a group of teachers/musicians to accommodate an increasing number of flute enthusiasts.
Fremont Flute Ensemble is a registered non-profit organization and is purely supported by volunteers and contributions from the community.